What To Avoid When You Build Your House

buildingIt’s a nice idea to know that finally you’ve got the money to build your house and you want it as beautiful as possible. However, there are certain things that you have to pay a lot of attention to, because some mistakes are easy to make, especially when you’ve never done this before.

No matter if you talk to an architect or a specialist in constructions, it’s better if you can make an idea before this, and it’s also better if you could avoid the mistakes of people with no experience at all.

Here’s what you need to avoid and what you need to pay attention to when you plan to build a house.

The HVAC System

It’s not enough to make the plan of the house when you start the project. When you talk to the architect, make sure that you also make the plan for the HVAC system. It’s important not to forget about it, no matter what type of house you make or where you build.

House2The HVAC system needs to be planned from the start, because there are a lot of pipes and other things that belong to this unit, and each of them has its own place. It will be a lot harder to install it after you have finished the house, as you will need to make adjustments and changes, and it’s not something that you want to do.

The Storage Space

This is something else that you have to take into consideration. Everyone has plenty of things that they need kept away in a storage space, so when you plan your house, don’t forget about it.

Apart from this, make sure you create either of these two things – big enough bedrooms to accommodate big enough dressers, or separate dressing rooms. Without these, you won’t have a place to keep your clothes, and you might need to change the plan of the house to fit a dressing somewhere.

The Windows

Take a look at the current custom home where you live now and think about how big the windows are. When you plan the house, don’t choose small windows to save the costs, but make sure you plan big enough windows to create beautifully light rooms. You don’t need the windows to be as big as the wall, but make sure there is enough light that falls into the house.

remodelingA poorly lit house is not good for your health of for your mood, so talk to the architect and ask about how bit the windows should be.

The Overall Plan

When you think the whole house, make sure you make the plan simple and easy for each of the rooms. It’s one thing to see it drawn on the paper, and it’s an entirely different thing to see the house after it is finished.

Every room should be of a proper size and you shouldn’t make the plan too complicated. You need to have an easy access to all the important rooms, like the kitchen or the bathroom, but you also need an easy access to the bedroom. Make sure you don’t place the bedroom right next to the kitchen or the dining area.

thumbThe architect will surely advice you on some things, but you shouldn’t insist in something that is not right.

The Kitchen

When you think about the plan of the house, make sure that the kitchen is as close to the entry as possible. You might have a mud room first or a hallway or something else, but make sure that the next room is the kitchen. You can do this either in the front or in the back, but place it near the entry that you plan to use most. This is important because just think about that moment when you’ll come home with the groceries.

You surely don’t want to go through the entire house to be able to enter the kitchen and find the refrigerator and the larder.